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NYU Langone Medical Center’s preventative maintenance prevents MRI failure

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September 16, 2022


Overview Of Case Study

Summary – The BP Group integrates innovative technology with a prognostic management approach to coordinate successful HVAC installation and maintenance. Our goal is to further develop the evolution of HVAC assets in the healthcare industry.

Summary – As a certified installation specialist and vendor for Filtrine Manufacturing, our technicians have collaborated with Filtrine professionals in hands-on training at the Filtrine factory. Watch the video and read the problem and the solution to get a real-time analysis on a medical chiller during a preventative/predicative maintenance plan.

The Problem

Filtrine chillers are designed to break down helium bonds and allow excess energy to cool medical machinery, such as MRI machines and cancer equipment. During our regularly scheduled maintenance check, our technicians take readings on temperature, pressure, voltage and amperage to ensure the chillers are in good working condition.

Upon the completion of the reading, our technicians check for bleeding, tighten electrical connections, change cartridge filters, and clean the strainer to guarantee the preservation of the client’s asset. At NYU Langone Medical Center, a BP technician was performing a standard maintenance check and noticed a gas leak on a 60-ton MRI medical unit.

The gas leak was caused by a loose roto-lock located on the compressor; the device lost traction as a result of the combination between strong system vibrations and continuous stress over time.

The Solution

The simple repair consisted of tightening the roto-lock on the compressor to restore maximum system efficiency. Without a predicative maintenance plan, the problem could have been left unchecked and resulted in a costly system failure.

Clients with an HVAC preventative maintenance plan have all Filtrine parts covered under an extended warranty up to 12 months after initial installation. PM plans protect the assets longevity because we are proactively monitoring the client’s equipment.