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Role Profile – Andrew Roosdahl – Application Engineer, Surrey

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What is your title? Describe for us your general duties

“My title with Ainsworth is; Engineering Technologist. As an engineering technologist my responsibilities include; automated control system design, system programming, system commissioning, training, project coordination and execution.”

What does a day in your role look like?

“No day is ever the same, but to best describe a typical day, it may start by reviewing and responding to emails.  Afterwards, depending on the current stage of a project, I may move on to various design tasks such as shop drawing packages, network architecture design, system sequences, spec review etc.  As projects move past the initial design phase and shop drawings have been approved, I will proceed with the programming and commissioning phase of the project leading to the final owner demonstration. Teamwork and collaboration along with a great combination of in-office and onsite work keeps my role intriguing.” 

How many people are in your team so far?

“Currently our team consists of 10 project engineers, 26 electricians and growing.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

“I’m a very visual person, so watching a project go from conceptual lines on a page to a physical building with an automated control system is extremely rewarding.”

What advice would you give to new employees joining this role?

“I believe the most important part of my job is honesty and integrity. It’s something that we all have the ability to maintain no matter our current situation and at the end of the day, these traits will play a huge role into how your employer views you and how clients view you as well.”

Is there any recent important news you would like to share with us?

“BCIT recently held an alumni panel discussion at a student night to promote the Electrical and Computer Engineering Instrumentation and Automation program which myself and most of my colleagues are alumni of. I was honored to be asked to join the panel members for the student night in active discussion to respond to the questions of future industry colleagues and teachers.  It was a fantastic opportunity to provide some insight on who we are and why we do what we do.”