Sandford Fleming Forum Webinar

Minimizing Loss, Accelerating Recovery in Commercial Real Estate

Our VP of Business Development at Ainsworth, Steve Horwood, presented his expertise during the BOMA Toronto webinar Minimizing Loss, Accelerating Recovery in Commercial Real Estate.

Steve focused on the operational and janitorial perspective of this very important subject. He emphasized first that it is important to evaluate your operation to see where it falls in the “maintenance pyramid”.

Each level of the pyramid is the next step in ensuring that you minimize the risk of system failure – which can translate financial loss.

The difference, Steve says, between one level to the next can just come down to making a few small changes that are well within your operations capability. For instance, moving from reactive to preventative maintenance involves changing the frequency of maintenance from unplanned to planned.

As you go further up the pyramid, this involves the incorporation of sensors and data collection to determine exactly when maintenance is needed; the highest being IoT systems.

Another important thing that Steve points out is that “you don’t have to improve every area of your building – it really is about identifying those areas that have the highest sensitivity for cost and health and safety.”

Steve then explains that you want to start moving your operation away from measuring something like frequency of service on ventilation towards measuring the indoor air quality.

This measurement allows you to calculate for financial risk, which is why the type of measurement is important. Steve gave the reminder that just because something is giving us the results you need on the surface i.e temperature etc. does not mean that its working properly.

Steve says that much like maintenance, you should ask janitorial staff to track the results of cleaning with the technology that they have available.

This data though, he says, should be used to inform the future of your operation. “It doesn’t stop at data collection; you must understand what purpose it is serving and how it is informing you – that’s the key.”