RemoteBAS – Integrated Energy Management

Continuous Commissioning, Realtime Monitorng and Support Services

Our RemoteBAS Center offers optimization and reporting services for energy management and building automation systems. For over 80 years, we’ve been helping businesses across the country manage their energy strategies and providing custom service solutions.

Our 24-hour call center and Network Operations Centre (NOC) ensures that support from our experienced engineers and technicians is just a phone call away.

System Implementation
The foundation to an efficient energy management system: Design, Implementation and Continuous Commissioning. Proven energy saving strategies and quality system installations are standard.

Remote Diagnostics and Resolutions
Our NOC agents and engineers can assist on-site technicians to reduce troubleshooting time and ensure quick, accurate resolution of HVAC and control issues.

Energy Monitoring and Reporting
Real-time data acquisition provides energy usage reporting, analysis, and corrective actions. Confirm energy bills and identify problems.

Alarm Monitoring and Reporting
Ensures swift resolution of issues before they can impact facility operations.

Service Management
When remote resolution of a problem is not possible, our call center and NOC will dispatch the preferred service provider with the required skills to ensure a swift and cost-effective solution.