Commitment to Safety

A positive and sustainable safety culture is a core value at Ainsworth, and it encompasses all aspects of our business. We are firmly committed to the health and safety of all our employees, our sub-contractors, our customers, and the public. Health and safety in the workplace is at the forefront of our daily agenda and an integral part of our overall vision and commitment.

Our Health and Safety Management System provides a systematic method of eliminating any existing hazards at our work sites with the goal of preventing personal injuries, illness, or property damage and promoting the health and wellbeing of our employees and partners.

We are firmly committed to the following.

  • Carefully planning for safety in all our daily activities
  • Setting clear corporate safety goals and metrics for all of our operations
  • Commitment from executive leadership
  • Continuously monitoring our safety performance
  • Promptly implementing changes and corrective or preventative actions
  • Ongoing training, awareness, and worker engagement
  • Regular inspections, audits, and reviews
  • Robust subcontractor safety management and pre-qualification
  • Regular safety meeting across all lines of business
  • Post-incident review and root cause analysis and application of lessons learned

Ainsworth believes that health and safety should be held to the highest standard and should never be compromised. We continuously improve our Health & Safety Management System and aspire to be an industry leader in health and safety.