Structured Cabling

How much does ONE hour of network downtime cost you?

  • Research shows that about 50% of network downtime is unplanned and that the average network is down more than 70 hours a year.
  • Industry experts estimate that cabling issues cause more than 50% of network communication failures.
  • Restricted bandwidth, damaged cable, or unauthorized maintenance cause most of the problems.

When you have to react, it’s already too late.

Recent advances in technology have increased the demands on your network. These might include wireless access points and bandwidth-hungry, power-demanding applications. Disturbances that might affect your network include the electrical quality in your building, your cable routing and accessibility, and how you manage your network.

Business networks and plant automation have converged. You can now use sealed or hardened cabling to extend your high-speed data network onto the factory floor. You can manage and check your building and manufacturing procedures smoothly. You can protect your critical data from vibration, high temperatures, humidity, dust, debris, wash-down, abrasive chemicals, weather, impact, sparks, and voltage spikes. Like most companies, you upgrade your network when you want more from it. You add new equipment and faster applications. Even though cabling is the greatest cause of network disturbances, it is the least expensive and most often overlooked item. Most companies add it when they need it.

Ainsworth structured cabling solutions are cost effective. Implementing these solutions shows your understanding of how you mitigate the risks of inadequate technology threatening your business. Our qualified technicians are experts. They will help you get the best results from your network and select a cabling solution that anticipates and addresses the likely disturbances to it. They will help you create and invoke an action plan that anticipates problems before you have to react to them. Your communications and data networks will stay healthy so you can conduct business without unplanned interruptions.

Data Centre Services

  • Office and data centre relocation
  • Maintenance
  • Infrastructure
  • Digital signage
  • IMAC units
  • Design build
  • Voice and data management
  • Wireless survey (simple and complex)
  • Network upgrades
  • Cabling
  • Network optimization
  • Integration
  • Security

Certifications & Capabilities

  • ISO 9001 CSA Z299.3:1985 certified
  • Detailed reporting
  • Bilingual call centre
  • Modern fleet with GPS tracking
  • Handheld mobile dispatch/work order app
  • 24/7 service