At Ainsworth we pride ourselves in working where we live. Our team is well acquainted with local, provincial and federal requirements. We value communities large and small. We are truly “coast to coast”. We operate in all the provinces and speak both official languages.

We leverage deep knowledge and experience in buildings, electrical, mechanical systems and energy management to help our customers protect their investments and keep their facilities operating at full potential. From preventive maintenance plans, through to scalable, comprehensive services strategies and installation services, our commitment to over-performing and earning the trust and confidence of our customers remains the same.

Saving time and money are important to the health of your business. Our National Accounts Support Team can provide many services which would benefit you as cost-saving measures in the facilities management and/or real estate operations of your business. Over and above the front-of-the-line, professional maintenance and service you would receive from Ainsworth, the following are just a few of the ways we are able to optimize your business goals.

If you need us in your town or large city, we have a branch near you. If you need us to manage your national program, we can help you.

Single point of contact                                         

  • Responsible for your business
  • Fully trained in 3rd party maintenance software
  • Emergency authority in case of no heating or cooling

Highly experienced staff handling day-to-day activities

  • Over 60 combined years in the trade
  • Trained to manage technicians and subcontractors

National Call Centre

  • Located in Ottawa Ontario
  • 24/7
  • Dedicated National Account emergency telephone numbers
  • On-line system monitoring available
  • Full facility maintenance available

Monthly Reports

  • Simplified reporting
  • Consolidated billing
  • Monthly listing of all outstanding quotations
  • Capital replacement program
  • Service history by location and equipment

Site Management

  • Tracking and recording of equipment lists per site
  • Monitoring Health & Safety requirements
  • Reviewing all quotations to ensure consistency across Canada
  • Identifying of possible warranties for all recommended repairs
  • Tracking outstanding quotations
  • Refrigerant leak detection program implementation and tracking, where required
  • Energy & cost-savings initiatives