Each customer has specific needs and at Ainsworth we have solutions for you. We take the time to listen, and we speak the language of our customer. With our knowledge of markets, we can offer you the best design for your application.

When you are ready to protect your investment, we offer the best maintenance and service options in the industry. Our solutions provide the most economical way to utilize mechanical and electrical technologies for your application. We pride ourselves on the best solution for your facility and we can show you how.


Municipalities care for large buildings with varied uses. Schedules are extremely demanding, and we can show you the best solution and create economical operating systems. Whether it’s an entire distribution system or a thermostat that controls the comfort in a town hall, our experts will help.

Renewable energy sources are as important as making sure equipment is operating at peak performance. As a municipality, the users trust their leaders to make sure systems are operating when they are required. We know how to help.

Industry and households expect a reliable power supply, while end customers expect reasonable prices and greater transparency. Our technical engineering partners and logistical solutions can help you ensure your building portfolio is working the way you need.


The demands of hospitals continue to increase with our aging population. Hospital management must meet many different requirements: Optimal medical care of patients, a positive and productive work environment for medical personnel and efficient use of resources are important factors for sustainable operations.

At Ainsworth, we understand the critical nature of saving lives and we want to make sure the right systems match the health care environment, without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.

To make the best environment for patients and staff you need to make certain clinical systems are also operating well. We know how important power is when operating sensitive testing equipment and radiography equipment. We also know the importance of cooling, when you need it.

Schools and Universities

At Ainsworth, we know schools. Whether you are managing a K-12 facility or have the requirement to manage a group of large multi-use buildings, we have scaled solutions.

Students need to have the best environment for learning. Optimal Heating, Cooling, and efficient electrical systems give you piece of mind, so you can concentrate on delivering the best education for years.

In addition to the age diversity of the pupils/students, the variety of learning environments can be challenging. Higher learning facilities are also home to educational facilities are also commonly home to high-value assets such as irreplaceable documents, IT infrastructure and scientific equipment. It’s best to speak to an expert who can help with all of your electrical, mechanical and energy needs.