Horticulture/GrowAg Technical

Are you looking for an integrated solution that achieves optimal scaling and yield per square meter and high-value quality?

Striving for efficient use of water, nutrients and energy?

Do you wish to have more insight & predictability into your crop and business process to increase your company’s profit?

Ainsworth’s horticulture/GrowAg technical services solve the following problems:

  • In Production?
    • Low Yield
    • Inconsistent Quality
    • Unexpected Operational Costs
  • Pre-Production?
    • Performance Certainty
    • Financial Predictability
    • Scaling – high kg/m

Ainsworth has a well-earned reputation for providing critical environment and production owners with cost-effective, reliable, and high-performing technical (HVAC, BAS, Electrical) systems.

We are collaborating with the strategic horticultural and licensed grow platform and UV lighting partners, AgricUltra, as well as our preferred integration platform for greenhouse and horticulture environmental control, Hoogendoorn. This integrated approach maximizes shared knowledge and drives project continuity and accountability across all facility construction and operations performance.

Integrated Project Life Cycle diagram

Specialized HVAC Systems Design & Installation

  • Air flow & distribution
  • Distributed mass air
  • Chilled water/glycol
  • CO2 refrigeration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Environmental Control & Energy Management

  • Energy modelling
  • Advanced heat reclaim
  • Performance analytics
  • Free cooling
  • CHP & renewable integration

Maximum Production Capability Safeguards

  • Suite of predictive capabilities
  • Reporting & dashboards
  • Technical systems maintenance
  • Dedicated advisory personnel
  • 24-hour remote performance and triaging