Energy Management
At a time when energy expenses are escalating and the need to protect our environmental is critical, companies are seeking ways to efficiently manage their energy usage and related expenditures. By Implementing Ainsworth’s comprehensive Energy Management Program, you can control and reduce your annual energy consumption, thereby lowering your costs and carbon footprint.
As part of this service, Ainsworth’s engineers and licensed technicians…
  • Conduct an energy audit using integrated approach
  • Evaluate your facility’s equipment usage with a focus on steam, air, water and lights
  • Assess your deferred maintenance projects and ongoing service needs
  • Identify operational inefficiencies
  • Pinpoint threats to reliability
  • Make recommendations for optimizing your capital assets, monitoring your electricity usage, improving uptime and reducing costs
  • Provide you with ROI calculations
  • Reporting regularly so you can verify savings and plan capital expenditures

Ainsworth is also well-equipped to help implement the best solutions for its clients. We are an integrated, HVAC, IT, mechanical (including HVAC), technical and maintenance services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential building clients throughout Canada. For small projects to complete turnkey solutions, we work with our clients in whatever way best suits their needs. With 75 years experience, a solid safety record and customer service that is truly 24/7, you know you can count on Ainsworth for your Energy Management and other facility-related requirements.