Sustainability is not just another business line or discipline. It’s who we are and it translates to our work methodology across the business. From waste elimination / diversion, to emission reduction through smart procurement and on to intelligent scheduling to reduce travel and inefficiencies our goal is to reduce / reuse / recycle in every aspect of our business. In that mindset we assist our clients in multiple technologies and services such as:
Whole building energy savings Program
Teamed with our partner MMM Group, Ainsworth offers a building recommissioning process that is unparralled in the market today. Our approach is to dispatch both a Professional Engineer and a highly skilled technician to the site. Working in tandem, these experts combine the practical with the theoretical in a perfect blend of technical knowledge and hands on experience. Together they create a program that offers the best possible use of the existing resources and recommend a direction or course of action that will be environmentally friendly and improve tenant comfort.
Employee / Tenanant Engagement
Ainsworth can provide training and mentoring for your employees and tenants in an effort to encourage the reduction of energy and creating a sustainable environment. It’s easy to talk a good story, implementation requires education, coaching and hard work to establish a routine that becomes habit. Changing the way we do things is hard, and will not be done without assistance.