Account Executive

Job Summary

Reporting to the General Manager/Sales Manager, the Account Executive (Owner Direct Sales) will be responsible for prospecting for new customers and managing existing accounts developing long-term customer relationships and maximizing penetration and customer retention within the British Columbia market place.


Key Responsibilities

Demonstrated ability to:

  • Liaise with existing base of assigned customers and build business relationships that translate into orders for Ainsworth.
  • Prospect for and achieve quota of new end use customers through HVAC, Electrical Systems and related solutions.
  • Create HVAC and Electrical Systems related solutions for customer’s problems including financial and performance based considerations. Including and not limited to Service Contracts, mechanical and electrical equipment replacements, Building Automation Systems, and Boiler and Chiller Plant Systems.
  • Securing, expanding and renewing service contracts with assigned customer base.
  • Collaboratively work with National Accounts to create strong Region based relationships that provide the business environment for expanding our share of the customer’s Capex and operating budgets.
  • Support National Accounts in acquiring new accounts or expanding business relationships utilizing your market or technical expertise or customer relationships.
  • Prepare proposals and estimates for tenders.  Work with internal technical team for Solutions development.
  • Strategically manages multiple decision makers and influencers internal and external to your customers to achieve the sale.
  • Develops and execute an account specific business plan to identify short and long term opportunities for increasing the share of customer spend.
  • Successfully manages and balances a portfolio of business opportunities through an identified sales process.
  • Provides forecasts and updates to the Customer Relationship Management Systems according to planning and forecasting requirements.
  • Maintains a high level of customer satisfaction with assigned customer base through the providing feedback and positive change management with team members in Service and Construction Operations.
  • Understand a chosen vertical market’s driving business needs and translate those into compelling events for customer to choose Ainsworth Electric and HVAC Systems and Solutions.
  • Adhere to all company policies and procedures.
  • Perform all job functions in a safe and healthful manner, abiding by and in accordance with all applicable Health, Safety and Environmental company policies and government legislation/regulations.
  • Adhere to the Company’s Quality System operating procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Management.

In light of the identified responsibilities, the following are specific deliverables that the position is designed to achieve:

  • Identifying and cold calling on prospects within the Designated Markets. 
  • Initiate calls with existing Ainsworth Customers.
  • Sales activity to build market presence and sales funnel to $5.0M over the first 6 month period.
  • Sales activity to achieve sales $3.0M in volume over an 18 month period.
  • Sales activity to maintain sales funnel at all times (Amount TBD).
  • Work ethic, compatibility and overall productivity.
  • Customer satisfaction levels above 75%.
  • Lead internal processes for project review and turnover to operations once the project is complete.
  • Work with operations to help optimize execution gross margins.
  • Attend Trade shows to support Ainsworth’s marketing effort.
  • Flexibility to work outside normal hours as required.


Competency Profile

The following competencies listed below define the role of Account Executive:


Articulates the key points of an argument persuasively; Negotiates skillfully and convinces others to own point of view; Directly and indirectly impacts the decisions/opinions of others; Mobilizes people into action;

Results Orientation

Focuses strongly on achieving agreed upon outcomes and ensures that key objectives are met; Conveys a sense of urgency and drives issues to closure; Aims to improve upon past performance; Establishes aggressive personal targets and strives to achieve them;

Customer/Client Orientation

Quickly follows up on customer/client contacts and complaints; Monitors and acts on measures of customer/client satisfaction; Strives to provide customers/clients with personalized and efficient service; Anticipates customers'/clients' needs;


Strategic Approach

Develops a strategic plan to realize the vision; Revises strategy in light of changing circumstances; Takes a long-term view of organizational success; Works to clarify long term organizational goals; Able to stand back from immediate problems in order to focus on more far reaching ideas;


Industry & Market Awareness
Seeks to anticipate and respond to industry and market changes/challenges by understanding key characteristics, issues and the factors driving them; Aware of competitor's products, services and position;


Self Confidence
Seeks challenges and independence; Expresses and conveys confidence in own ability to complete tasks successfully; Displays personal resolve in the face of opposition;


Proactive; Seizes opportunities and acts upon them immediately; Takes responsibility for own actions and addresses problems before asked;


Team Skills
Balances personal goals with those of the team; Fosters collaboration among team members; Helps to create a sense of team spirit and harmonious relations through cooperation and support;


Role Expertise
Has thorough knowledge of relevant products, services and methods; Expands technical knowledge/skills and keeps up-to-date in own area of expertise; Demonstrates critical technical or professional knowledge/skills related to the role;


Planning & Objective Setting
Systematic in approach to work; Produces action plans in which objectives are defined and steps for achieving them are clearly specified; Plans by breaking down large task into subtasks; Develops plans that anticipate obstacles; Is realistic about time-scales and builds in appropriate checkpoints, milestones and controls in order to ensure that desired results are realized;


Education and Experience

The following indicates specific industry, academic and functional experience/qualifications that are important to the successful achievement of the identified responsibilities and performance deliverables.

  • College or University Degree in Business or Engineering
  •  3 to 5 years of experience selling in the Western Canadian market place in the HVAC Industry
  • Technical experience in either the HVAC, Building Automation or Energy Services Industry
  • Strong technical knowledge and experience with applying technology to build solutions
  • Excellent track record of results selling complex solutions that require team selling.


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